Fiberglass Door Frames

Our 4 9/16″ and 6 9/16″ fiberglass door frames have identical dimensions to standard door frames. An 11/16″ fiberglass jamb extension is available to make the door frames achieve an overall frame depth of 5 1/4″ or 7 1/4″. The frames feature an injection-molded screw retention block to increase frame rigidity and screw retention. All components are primed and painted with TruCoat, a high-performance paint coating for fiberglass pultrusions and fiberglass door slabs.

High Performance Sill

Measuring only 1 1/2″ tall, our door sill helps us achieve a higher design pressure rating while also improving energy efficiency. The anodized aluminum sill cover is fully supported with an injection-molded ABS base. A durable thermal break is created with the fixed fiberglass sill riser. 99% of water is deflected away from the interior with two pressure-equalized drip caps within the door sweep. Any water that migrates past the drip cap and the secondary fin is sealed out by the large bulb seal and is weeped out through drainage channels on both ends of the sill riser.

Fiberglass Exterior Trim

Our fiberglass exterior trim is offered in three distinct profiles:

7/8″ Narrow – A clean and simple aesthetic look for contemporary designs.

2″ Colonial – Classic colonial brickmould profile.

3 1/2″ Craftsman – Simulates 1×4 trim that is often used on craftsman style homes.


Fiberglass French Door Astragal

Our fiberglass astragal greatly improves the energy efficiency of your French doors by reducing thermal bridging that occurs with aluminum astragals. When paired with our high-performance door sill, you can confidently install French doors without worrying about leaks. Installed on each astragal are a top and bottom Neoprene gasket, QLon weatherstrip, and two solid brass flip bolts.

Fiberglass Simulated Divided Lites

Installing PVC or aluminum SDLs on fiberglass door slabs never made sense to us, so we developed our own in fiberglass. With PVC and aluminum SDLs, there are significant differences in color, paint adhesion, heat buildup, and rates of expansion and contraction between the SDLs and the fiberglass door slab. Our fiberglass SDLs eliminate all of these issues. The SDLs are available in 7/8″, 1 1/4″, and 3 1/2″ wide profiles. All grille patterns are milled on our Newport half-lap milling machine.

Fiberglass Mull Post

Our 2 1/2″ fiberglass mull post allows for beautiful, energy-efficient sidelites and transoms. The mull post is installed with two self-locating shear blocks that ensure a strong and precise installation. To further enhance energy efficiency, the exterior cavity is filled with closed-cell foam insulation. The interior cavity is filled with a wood reinforcement block to help with screw retention for hinges and strike plates.