Fiberglass Door Frames

Our 4 9/16″ and 6 9/16″ fiberglass door frames have identical dimensions to standard door frames.  The wood backer is treated with a water based wood preservative and provides additional rigidity and screw retention.  All components are exclusively painted with TruCoat 623, an AAMA 623 certified coating for fiberglass pultrusions and fiberglass door slabs.

High Performance Fiberglass Sill

Measuring only 1 3/8″ tall, our fiberglass door sill helps you achieve a higher design pressure rating with your doors while also improving the energy efficiency.  The bumper sill design eliminates any need for door sweeps which makes the operation of your doors incredibly smooth and quiet.  The design also makes installation simpler because there is a greater tolerance for error. Click here to see a video demonstrating the integral weep system.

Fiberglass Exterior Trim

Our fiberglass exterior trim is available in three distinct profiles. 

1 1/2″ Contemporary – Minimalist look for modern designs.

2″ Colonial – Classic colonial brickmould profile.

3 1/2″ Craftsman – Simulates 1×4 trim that is often used on  craftsman style homes.

By installing fiberglass exterior trim on your fiberglass door frames with your fiberglass door slabs, you ensure perfect color matches between all components while eliminating any variances in expansion and contraction.  All profiles are fastened together with glass filled nylon corner keys and stainless steel #8 panhead screws which hold the miters tight and true.


Fiberglass French Door Astragal

Our fiberglass astragal greatly improves the energy efficiency of your french doors by reducing thermal bridging that occurs with aluminum astragals.  When paired with our high-performance door sill, you can confidently sell French doors without worrying about them leaking water.  Included with each astragal are a top and bottom Neoprene gasket, weatherstrip and two solid brass flip bolts.  The flip bolts are available in brushed nickel or oil-rubbed bronze.

Fiberglass Simulated Divided Lites

Installing PVC or aluminum SDLs on fiberglass door slabs never made any sense to us, so we decided to develop our own in fiberglass.  With PVC and aluminum SDLs there are significant differences in color, paint adhesion, heat buildup and rates of expansion and contraction between the SDLs and the fiberglass door slab.  Our fiberglass SDLs eliminate all of these issues.  The SDLs are available in 3 1/2″ and 1 1/4″ wide profiles.  We cut and mill the SDLs to fit your specific flush glazed fiberglass door slab model, including Masonite Vista Grande, PlastPro Nova 90, PlastPro Nova 45, ThermaTru Smooth Star and TruTech Belmont.

Fiberglass Mull Post

Our 2 1/2″ fiberglass mull post allows for beautiful, energy-efficient sidelites and transoms.  The mull post is installed with two self locating nylon glass filled shear blocks that ensure a strong and precise installation.  To further enhance energy efficiency, the exterior cavity is filled with foam insulation.  The interior cavity is filled with a molded block to help with screw retention for hinges and strike plates.  Our mull post can also be paired with our door frames and sill to create a clean, modern, energy-efficient window wall system up to 17 feet wide!


All Epic Doors are exclusively manufactured with all fiberglass frame components.  Why do we do this?  Simply, fiberglass is the best material for exterior doors.  It is more energy efficient, durable, and stronger than alternate materials.  Our door slabs which are also fiberglass, are painted with the exact same paint as our frame components which helps ensure a perfect color match between the frame and slab over the lifetime of the door.  Until now all fiberglass doors have utilized finger jointed wood frames, PVC composite frames, or aluminum clad frames.  We are the first and only manufacturer to marry fiberglass door slabs with fiberglass door frames.

Superior Strength

  • Eight times stronger than vinyl
  • Six times stronger than wood plastic composites
  • The superior strength of fiberglass creates more rigid door frames that are easier to install
  • WPC

Material Strength

Energy Efficiency

  • 500x lower thermal conductivity than aluminum, so it doesn’t allow heat or cold from the outside into your home
  • Fiberglass users 78% less embodied energy than aluminum and 39% less than vinyl to manufacture

Thermal Conductivity

Expansion & Contaction

  • 10x more stability than vinyl in temperature changes
  • Nearly identical expansion and contraction rates as plate glass, which means tighter seal against the weather and longer lasting

Material Stability