The Nova Classic and Modern full lite doors are truly differentiated from all competing fiberglass doors on the market with their fiberglass structural core, square edge fiberglass perimeter and architecturally accurate stile and rail construction, but the area we felt was most important to differentiate our doors from our competitors was in the glass.  Competing doors offer their flush glazed doors in one LoE option and only in 1/8″ thick glass.  That is it!  No solar tuning, no triple pane, no 1/4″ tempered glass and no laminated glass.  We are offering our Nova Classic and Nova Modern doors in all of these options because they are all important and needed options on different projects.

If you have a home with a southern exposure and passive solar design we can supply you with Cardinal’s LoE-180 high solar heat gain glass.  Looking to achieve the highest R value for your home, upgrade to our triple pane IGs. Want to improve your home’s security and peace of mind, upgrade to 1/4″ tempered glass.  Live along a busy street or noisy neighborhood; our laminated glass can help improve the STC rating of your door while also increasing the security.

LoE Options

Cardinal LoE-180 delivers excellent cold weather performance – its insulation value (U-factor) is a low 0.26, and with a high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.69, it lets the winter sun’s heat pass into the home. It also blocks 71 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. While blocking out the cold and UV rays, it lets the daylight stream in – more light than ordinary low-e glass.

LoE-366 is formulated to reject solar heat while maintaining attractive visibility. So it keeps the heat out while letting light in. As a matter of fact, LoE-366 glass is our ultimate in performance and clarity among all of Cardinal’s clear coated products. What’s more, LoE-366 provides the ultimate in fading protection. It blocks 95% of the sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays – a leading cause of fading so your furniture and wall coverings stay beautiful for years.

Give your Nova doors that extra boost of performance with one additional LoE coating on the interior surface of your doors’ glazing. The i89 LoE hard-coat will boost the full-frame energy performance by 0.02 U on average, however there is a slight reduction in condensation resistance.

Laminated Glass

The world gets noisier every day. Laminated glass is an effective way to reduce unwanted outside noise. This is especially useful in areas near airports, industry, traffic, or wherever unpleasant sounds exist. The American Society for Testing and Materials developed the sound transmission class rating (STC) to describe the sound isolation performance of materials. A higher STC rating indicates a greater sound dampening effect. Laminated glass increases the STC rating of a door, diminishing unwanted outside noises.

Laminated glass can also help offer a level of security and serenity that can’t be realized with ordinary glass. Ordinary annealed glass breaks easily. Tempered glass, while stronger, shatters under a greater impact. But laminated glass is different. If laminated glass is broken, the vinyl interlayer remains in the frame, with glass fragments adhering to the interlayer. This provides a strong barrier against forced entry and cannot be cut from one side only, which renders glass cutters useless.


Decorative Glass

Satin Etch

Cross Reeded

Glue Chip

Narrow Reed


Blinds Between the Glass

Upgrade to our Innovia blinds between the glass which remain virtually dust-free in a sealed LoE insulated glass unit.

Our lift and tilt blinds have a single operator which self-levels and self-tightens during regular operation.

Our blinds between the glass have undergone extensive testing with up to 290,000 operation cycles.