Adjustable Hinges

Our Stainless Steel heavy-duty, adjustable, ball bearing hinges come standard on all doors and are able to adjust your door 1/4″ vertically and 5/16″ horizontally, ensuring years of smooth operation.  The Lift-Off Feature allows for the easiest removal and installation of the door panel to and from the door frame where NO tools are required, saving time and headaches. Independently third party tested to exceed ANSI/BHMA 156.1 Grade 3 standard for 350,000 cycles with 3 hinges on a 180 lbs door panel.


All Nova doors are prepped with a standard 5 1/2″ spaced double bore with a 2 3/8″ backset.  This door prep allows you the flexibility to select most common North American handle and dead bolt options from Schlage, Kwikset, Emtek, Baldwin or other well known brands.

Upgrade to an automatic multipoint lock or mortise lock system from Ferco GU to help ensure the safety of your home and family.  The Ferco GU multipoint lock system is very simple to operate.  As soon as the door is pulled shut, the Automatic latch bolts instantly throw 20mm and are secured to prevent them being forced back. By turning the key or the handle, the center deadbolt will engage and lock the top and bottom latch bolts to become a three point deadbolt locking system.

GU Ferco Lock Brochure 

Smart Lock

The Danalock V3 is a wireless smart lock that can be paired with the Ferco GU mortise or multipoint lock.  It lets you easily control access to your home with your smartphone, so you can stop worrying about lost or forgotten keys, use your smartphone to lock or unlock the door.

As the owner of a Danalock V3, you can create an unlimited number of digital keys for your family members, friends, guests, or helpers such as a housekeeper or contractor. Program each user’s access level by choosing permanent or temporary access. See who has used the lock in the app.

The Danalock V3 offers you motorized locking assistance with Twist Assist. This function helps you engage the thumb turn.  When you activate this feature, you only need to turn the Danalock a few degrees and the motor will take over, locking or unlocking the door for you.

Multipoint Lock Handle Sets

We offer multipoint lock handle sets in styles sure to complement many architectural styles.  All handles are ordered on a project by project basis so any combination of handle and finish that is listed in the brochure may be purchased.

Ferco GU Handle Brochure